I am currently an assistant professor of Computer Science. 

Before that, I was a research fellow in Prof. Michal Irani vision lab at the faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Weizmann Institute.

I was a  postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Rubin at the Biomedical Data Sciences, Stanford University with specialization in computer vision and machine learning. I also collaborated with Demetri Terzopoulos from UCLA and awarded the prestigious Young Investigator Award of the QIN-NIH for "his outstanding and innovative work in adaptive methods and career vision for advancing quantitative imaging"

Throughout my entire academic career, I tackle fundamental challenges in the CV / ML fields, applying them for complex data (with focus on medical data to improve personalized healthcare).

Research Interests:

  • Data Normalization - new approaches for normalization of heterogeneous data

  • CV and ML algorithms for tackling key challenges such as limited annotated data, imbalanced data, highly diverse dataset

  • Generalizable and adaptive frameworks for Big Data

  • Combination of theoretical and applicative aspects to improve CV techniques

  • Integrated image-text frameworks

  • Medical Image Analysis for personalized medicine (detection, segmentation, classification and prediction of pathologies)

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